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How to Prep for Labor Day Parties and Trips

Whether you are the party-planner, the party-guest, or the adventurer taking a three-day-long vacation, we can help you get ready to celebrate your Labor Day easily. Visit us today here at The Marketplace East to cross every to-do on your list!

Take the celebrations up a notch this Labor Day with these fun holiday merrymaking ideas.

Get Out of Town and Take an Adventure Weekend

Three-day weekends don’t come around very often, so gas up your car here at Arco, load up on some snacks, and head out of town! Southern California has amazing getaways for three-day-long excursions, so you can be back in time for work on Tuesday!

Throw a Backyard Barbeque Bash

Gather friends and family around a barbecue in the backyard or around the swimming pool. You will find a fantastic range of housing décor that includes cookware and cutlery, so the whole house will be spirited. Also available are myriad pool games and toys that will heighten any water-based fun activities. Think light-up toys, beach balls and water guns and soakers!

Stock Up on All Kinds of Beverages at Bevmo

When you’ve got guests over, you never want your drinks to run dry. That won’t be a problem for you if you stock up on great-priced deals at Bevmo! No matter the preference, you can find drinks of all types to keep the party going all day!

Decorations for All Types of Parties at Michaels

Just pick a fun theme and decorate the whole house with amazingly creative decorations from Michaels. It is a great occasion to dress up in fancy costumes and play games for fun prizes, all of which can be found at your one-stop craft-shop!

Get Everything You Need at The Marketplace East

The Marketplace East in Walnut, CA is your one-stop shop for everything you need this Labor Day. Ensure fun and excitement is at the forefront of every party you throw with all the supplies, food, and fun you could possibly be looking for! Visit us today to stock up.