Bespoke Cut and Sew

Established August 10, 2012
Originally working for our good friends over at Hat Club, we took the leap and created our own hat company financed with our own savings. Starting off as a strictly custom hat company, we’ve grown to become more than what anyone had intended. We’ve navigated the arena of young entrepreneurship with the confidence that everything we’re doing today will make sense in hindsight 20 years from now.

When a hat leaves a factory, it should be a well constructed specimen of fashion accessory. This includes the stitching and craftsmanship bestowed upon each hat set by the hat company. So when a hat is customized and put back together, the hat should not lose this sometimes overlooked craftsmanship. We go the extra mile and pay the extra cost to make sure a hat is customized properly. As a customer, you may not notice the blatant shortcuts others make but we do, and as being one of the world’s biggest hat customizer, it’s only right we inform you.



Monday – Sunday 10:00am – 9:00pm

*Holiday hours vary. Check your local store.
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